Atrophic Gastritis


Chronic atrophic gastritis (Chronic Atrophic Gastritis, CAG) is the unknown cause of chronic gastritis, is a clinical common and frequently-occurring disease, in chronic gastritis in about 10% ~ 30%. The disease is a gastric mucosal epithelium and glandular atrophy, mucosal thinning, thickening and accompanied by intestinal muscularis mucosa gland metaplasia, dysplasia characterized by chronic diseases. At present, most scholars agree with at home and abroad gastric atrophy → chronic gastritis → intestinal metaplasia → dysplasia → gastric cancer Development model. Therefore, the active treatment CAG is to prevent the cancer, reduce the incidence of gastric cancer effective means. Currently, Western medicine is no ideal treatment, while the medical treatment of the disease has not only accumulated a wealth of experience and a large number of clinical reports indicate that Chinese medicine therapy definitely can not only reverse the shrinkage of the gland, and even allows non – complete intestinal gland metaplasia and dysplasia reversed. Chinese medicine is the nearest few years, the study of this disease profiles are summarized below.


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