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Ear Candling

Ear Candles Ear candling conjures up the thought of a wax candle with a wick, placed in the ear and lit! True, a lighted candle is placed into the ear, however the candle is a hollow tube often made from cotton fibres. The fibres are stiffened with pure beeswax and are impregnated with essential oils.
Before the treatment commences the therapist will look down the ear with an otoscope to insure the ear is free from infection.
The therapist lights the candle before placing it gently into the ear. The therapist will always remain with the client throughout the whole treatment, holding the candle in place.
When the candle has burned down to the indicator line, it will be removed and a short massage is applied to that side of the face. This increases drainage. The procedure will then be repeated on the other side and a full face, neck and shoulder massage will follow.

After treatment the candles will be opened up to see the results. Some people will find small amounts of wax has dislodged. Usually a second and third treatment a week later is advisable for chronic conditions. It is worth noting that the benefits of the treatment will continue to work for around 48 hours after. Wax can also dislodge after treatment and it is wise to sleep with a towel over your pillow for a night or two just in case.

The treatment is very pleasant and relaxing and does not hurt in any way.


Good for the following conditions:

Hay fever
Sinus problems
Compacted wax.
Those who have problems with the ears due to flying will also benefit from a treatment a few days prior to the flight and when coming home.

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