Why Chinese medicine?

According to a survey in the Times newspaper, over ninety percent of British doctors would recommend TCM to their patients as a complementary form of treatment.
Elsewhere in Europe, doctors who practice Chinese Medicine are in even greater numbers that in the UK, with France numbering more than 5000 and Germany numbering over 4000. Acupuncture, is also fast becoming accepted as a mainstream form of treatment, and the CNT Centre is a long established leader in this field having been founded in 1986

 What is the main difference between Chinese medicine and Western medicine?

Chinese medicine treats the cause of the disorder, and Western medicine the symptom of the disorder. For example, two people may have the same symptoms of eczema, but the cause of the complaint may be completely different: one patient may have an imbalance of his or her liver, the other an imbalance of his or her spleen. A Western doctor may prescribe the same medicine for the ailment, but the Chinese doctor will treat the underlying cause of eczema and in this case, one patient will be treated for a liver imbalance and the other for a spleen imbalance.

 Does Chinese Medicine conflict with conventional Western medicine?

In most cases there is absolutely no problem combining Chinese and Western medicine but please do discuss any Western medication that you are taking with your doctor.

 Can I just buy the herbs if I have seen another Chinese Doctor somewhere else?

Our code of conduct only allows us to provide prescriptions from CMIR registered doctors. If your doctor is not CMIR registered then you will have to have a herbal consultation with one of our doctors.

 How can I trust the quality and purity of your herbs?

We have been selling Chinese Herbs for nearly 30 years and have established strong and very strict partnerships with herb growers all over China. All of our herbs are cultivated to be effective and are delivered to us as pure single herbs (not mixed in China). We have experts in London to check the herbs before we can sell them to our patients.

 Do you sell any banned herbs?

Absolutely not. We are in constant contact with the MHRA and CITES guidelines on herb imports. We do not import anything containing Aristolochia.

 How soon will I see/feel results? How many sessions do I need?

This depends a lot on the patient and the severity of your condition. The doctor should be able to give you a good idea of what results you should see and when you should expect to see them. It is most common for patients to feel the first effects of the treatment after one or two sessions but it may take a bit longer.

 Do you offer Cupping or Gua Sha?

Yes we do offer these services. However, it is important to note that these treatments will result in bruising marks. You will be asked to sign a waiver form that acknowledges this before we can offer treatment. The bruising marks tend to last several days but can disappear quicker or slower depending on the individual. We do not offer pricking cupping.

Do I need to make an appointment?

Yes it is advisable. You can try and get an appointment on the day but we may not be able to see you.

 Will my insurance cover my treatment costs?

This depends on your insurer, many patients do claim money for treatment here. You will have to pay the costs yourself and claim back the money from your insurer. We can provide all the necessary receipts and sign any insurance forms

What can chineseremedyonline offer?

We are the Chinese Medicine team who can see you in person in our clinic, you can contact by e-mail, phone or and we can visit you where you are ( London area only, outside London area, special arrangement need to be made) If we cannot sort out your problems in that manner, then you will be asked to see an affiliate private GP for further investigations or examination.Our service is quick, friendly and efficient and gives you the peace of mind of knowing that you can contact your doctor THAT DAY .

 How you make a diagnosis?

With all of the information gathered by you filling the Online Consultation form, by e-mails and phone consultation, we proceed in connecting your major health concerns with the root patterns of disharmony originating from your internal organ systems. Taking into consideration your unique, individual make-up we will create personalized, raw formulas for you to cook and drink specifically for your needs at the present time. The custom herbal formulas are the true and advanced scientific way to properly address your exact needs when complex and multi-layered patterns exist. We will then contact you to review the results of your initial consultation and arrange the follow up

 What if you can’t make a diagnosis on line or I’m not feeling better after one or 2 weeks treatment?

When we receive all your information we request and the doctor feels that he needs to speak to you to discuss your symptoms, he will call you immediately and we can help you that way.

But if we feel it is necessary we will ask you to come in to see a doctor for a face to face consultation to effect a diagnosis or to treat you.

How do I obtain treatment?

Shortly after the diagnosis and receiving your payment, we will dispense your herbal remedy and dispatch them directly from our clinic. Normally it take 1-2 days to reach you.

 How do I take Chinese Medicine?

Traditionally, Chinese herbs are boiled in a soup or as tea to extract the essence of the herbs, which is then drunk by the patient. However, in our clinic herbs also can be given as a concentrated powder, or in pill form to make Chinese Herbal Therapy more accessible and convenient for busy modern lifestyles.

 Is Chinese medicine unpleasant in taste?

Most people find that tea is at least a little bitter and sometimes unpleasant to taste. Honey can be added as a sweetener, but it is generally accepted that the effects of the medicine far outweigh the sometimes bitter taste.

 Is herbal medicine safe?

Chinese herbs are very safe when prescribed correctly by a properly trained practitioner. Over the centuries doctors have compiled detailed information about the pharmacopoiea and placed great emphasis on the protection of the patient. Adverse reactions can occur with any form of medicine. In the case of Chinese herbal medicine these are rare
Our custom herbal formulas are the true and advanced scientific way to properly address your exact needs when complex and multi-layered patterns exist.

 How long will I need treatment?

In most cases, you will feel some improvement in 1-2 weeks.As some Chronic cases can take many years to develop, it is therefore likely that they will also take quite sometime to respond to treatment and start improving. It is important to allow the treatment time to take effect rather than to expect an instant “miracle cure”. The total number of treatments will vary from patient to patient, and your practitioner will discuss your own specific case with you.

 Should I continue taking medicine prescribed by my GP?

YES. Chinese medicine in general does not conflict with Western medicine, and may be used as a complementary therapy. However, please inform our doctor about any current medications you are taking.

 What about medical investigations?

If you need further medical investigations to work towards a diagnosis, such as blood tests or scans, then your Chinese doctors can refer you appropriately to our associated GP.Other investigations can also be arranged remotely such as X-rays, Ultrasounds, CT or MRI scans.The results will be sent to your Chinese doctor who can then advise you on what to do next.


What happens to my medical notes?

These are kept offline on our private database and hence secure from any hackers. If requested, we can send you details of your consultations or investigation results for your own files, either by e-mail, post or fax.

What should I expect from my massage appointment?

Your therapist will have a brief discussion with you about any specific issues that you would like to address and then start the massage. We keep the consultation time short in order to maximize your time having treatment. Consultation will continue during treatment if necessary. The style of massage will be discussed and adapted to your personal needs. We encourage all patients to talk with their therapist to ensure the right amount of pressure (if it’s too soft or too hard then please tell us!). You should also feel free to ask a therapist to concentrate on certain areas or repeat movements that you enjoy. We always aim to tailor the massage to your personal preferences.

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