Kidney Failure

Renal failure is a serious medical condition affecting the kidneys. When a person suffers from renal failure, their kidneys are not functioning properly or no longer work at all. Renal failure can be a progressive disease or a temporary one depending on the cause and available treatment options.

The kidneys are glands that are located in the abdominal region just above the pelvis on either side of the body. When functioning normally, the kidneys separate and filter excess water and waste from the blood stream. The kidneys are responsible for producing urine, which is used to flush away the toxins. The kidneys also maintain a healthy balance of fluids and electrolytes, or salt compounds, in the body.

In renal failure the kidneys undergo cellular death and are unable to filter wastes, produce urine and maintain fluid balances. This dysfunction causes a build up of toxins in the body which can affect the blood, brain and heart, as well as other complications. Renal failure is very serious and even deadly if left untreated.

Western medicine plays a major and leading role in the treatment of kidney diseases. It is because Western medicine has advanced diagnosis technology and equipment. Western medicine also allows using of hormones and immunosuppressive agents to have an effective control of the disease. If a patient have found or suspected himself suffering from a kidney disease, he/she must see a western medicine doctor immediately to carry out an examination and have the treatment if necessary. However, some of the western treatment such as hormones medicine and immunosuppressive agents have certain degrees of side effects and the treatment must be handled and monitored carefully by the doctors.

Chinese have good effect in the supporting treatment of Kidney diseases. Chinese medicine doctors can use herbal medicine or acupuncture treatment according to the health situation and requirement of the patient, in order enhance patients’ immune system and reduce the side effects of western medicine. The combination of Chinese medicine and Western medicine will greatly increase the chance of recovery.

There are numerous herbal medicines and prescriptions for the treatment of kidney disease. However, they are quite complicate to be understood by Non-Chinese. We are very pleased to provide help to patients. Please click on the left side “Ask Expert”, we shall provide assistance.

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