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Slimming natural way– Acupuncture + herbal supplement

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The program
Due to changes in diet and lifestyle, more and more people are suffering from obesity, stress and a general feeling of a lack of energy.

Research has been done that shows that treating weight loss with acupuncture and TCM does work. A study by the Journal of Medical Acupuncture in 2003 showed that people treated this way lost 2-3 times more weight than those in the control group. A study done in Australia showed that people who were treated were less likely to be hungry and lost weight faster than others.

According to the philosophy behind Eastern medicine and the five element theory, being overweight is due to an imbalance in the spleen or liver organ systems. The theory states that the spleen works to provide proper digestion and improve the function of the digestive system. This system is responsible for breaking our food down and turning it into Qi (energy) which is essential for life. Disharmony in the spleenic organ system can cause fatigue, lethargy, weakness, slow digestion and metabolism, water retention, frequent liquid stools and bloating.
The liver system works in order to keep the Qi (energy) and the blood flowing smoothly and in a proper manner. Stress, strain, fast living, not eating well, or sleeping well can have very negative effects on our liver being able to function properly. Disharmony of the liver can cause symptoms such as craving and other triggers which cause impulse eating.

Both acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine approach weight loss from a whole body standpoint. They treat both physical and psychological elements and triggers equally. The goal for adequate treatment for weight loss with both of these treatments is to balance emotions and energies effectively, eliminate cravings and emotional triggers to eat, stimulate metabolism and improve digestion.
Acupuncture works by placing slim needles into meridian points on the body that are associated with the kidney, spleen and stomach and sometimes those with the lungs, thyroid and mouth. This practice have been shown to help realign energy in the body and, therefore, alleviate physical and emotional distress. Typically, however, the treatment is customized to the patient and their particular needs

Compare to other methods
The greatest difference between Western weight-loss strategies and the TCM approach is that Western methods focus almost exclusively on external factors- it’s all about the weight and the food. TCM addresses the root cause of weight conditions.

Western weight-loss methods, when placed next to those of TCM, are generally focused more on superficial and quick results at the expense of the long-term health of the individual as a whole. The entire vision and framework of TCM is based on an understanding of how the entire human being works-body, mind, and spirit. It seeks to create internal balance and harmony within each individual and then harmonize that individual with nature
TCM considers excess weight a symptom of a greater health problem. It’s the end result of a series of internal events in the body that usually begin with a Qi (internal energy) deficiency and a Qi imbalance. TCM understands that if the root cause of excess weight is not addressed, weight loss will never be permanent. This fundamental concept is supported by statistics that show that 95 percent of dieters ultimately regain a portion or all of the weight they have lost.

Diet pills may cause quick weight loss, but once people stop taking the pills and go
back to their old eating habits, the weight piles right back on. Sometimes people gain even more weight than they lost once they stop taking diet pills.

Treatment involved
Before you begin your acupuncture treatment, your Chinese physician will conduct a medical examination on you by checking your pulse and examination of your tongue to ensure that you are suitable for acupuncture weight loss treatment. This is because TCM is a holistic branch of health care and do not just specifically target the ailment or medical complaint. So an investigation into other reasons why a patient is obese is necessary to solve the problem holistically.

Losing weight through acupuncture + herbal supplements requires a commitment of about two treatments each and every week. These treatments will most likely consist of placing the needles at strategic points in the body as well as sending electrical currents through the needles. The herbal supplement that the patient can take home will help remove toxins and strengthen the flow of energy which will aid in weight loss. The theeopriest may also have dietary recommendations and you may be asked to eliminate some foods from your diet for a specific period of time until your weight stabilizes.

So when all the weight reducing diets and pills just do not seem to be working, why not give acupuncture + herbal treatment a try? Your overall health will improve and with a new change in lifestyle you may very well find that this program can help you lose those pounds and more importantly keep off that weight.

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