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Special Program


Treating Musculo-skeletal Pain with Traditional Chinese Medicine a few step to follow

  • Assessing your pain
  • Treating your pain
  • Getting results
  • Exercise


For Office Staff

For Sports People

Sliming Natural Way

Slimming natural way- –Acupuncture + herbal supplement

Lose weight without gaining it back!!

Quit Smoking Easy Way

Quit smoking easy way- Acupuncture + Herbal cigarette

With a success rate between 90 and 95 percent in reducing the physical and emotional craving in our clinic, acupuncture combined with nicotine replacement therapy – herbal cigarette can help you stop smoking easily and comfortably. How does one stop smoking without experiencing the withdrawal symptoms, the increase in eating, the constant desire to “light up”, the anxious sensation in the body?

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Covid-19 treatment

£49.00 including consultation & herbal treatment for initial on line remedies!


package also applied to the people who haven’t got much money, but interested in the remedies. We take 2 appointments each day. First comes First serve.