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Specialised In

Neck Pain      Frozen Shoulder      Tennis Elbow      Slip Disc     Sciatica

  • What causes the pain?
  • Treating Musculo-skeletal Pain with Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Assessing your pain
  • Treating your pain
  • Getting results
  • Exercise


Ischaemic stroke – occurs in about 7 in 10 cases

Haemorrhagic (bleeding) stroke

The sort of problems that may occur include one or more of the following:

Weakness of one side of the body.

Problems with balance and co-ordination.

Swallowing problems are common.

Speech and communication difficulties.

Difficulty with vision.

Difficulties with mental processes.

Inappropriate emotions.


  •  Chinese Herbal Medicine for Stroke

  • Acupuncture for Stroke

  • Combining Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Herbs and Acupuncture

MS (Multiple Sclerosis)

Rheumatism Arthritis

  • West medicine look at arthritis
  • TCM look at Arthritis
  • Western medicine treats Arthritis
  • TCM treat Arthritis


  • Conventional Medic
  • Diabetes according to Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Conventional Medical Treatment and side effects



Stubborn Headache

  • About Headache
  • Clinic treating headache

       Assessing your headache

      Treating your headache

      Getting results

      Preventing headaches

Stomach Ulcer

  • What is a Stomach Ulcer?
  • What causes Stomach Ulcers?
  • Stomach Ulcer symptoms
  • What does a Stomach Ulcer affect?
  • West medicine treat peptic ulcer
  • Chinese Medicine treat peptic ulcer

Atrophic Gastritis

Kidney Failure



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