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  • What causes the pain?
  • Treating Musculo-skeletal Pain with Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Assessing your pain
  • Treating your pain
  • Getting results
  • Exercise


Ischaemic stroke – occurs in about 7 in 10 cases

Haemorrhagic (bleeding) stroke

The sort of problems that may occur include one or more of the following:

Weakness of one side of the body.

Problems with balance and co-ordination.

Swallowing problems are common.

Speech and communication difficulties.

Difficulty with vision.

Difficulties with mental processes.

Inappropriate emotions.



 Chinese Herbal Medicine for Stroke

Acupuncture for Stroke

Combining Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Herbs and Acupuncture


MS (Multiple Sclerosis)


  • West medicine look at arthritis
  • TCM look at Arthritis
  • Western medicine treats Arthritis
  • TCM treat Arthritis


  • Conventional Medic
  • Diabetes according to Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Conventional Medical Treatment and side effects



Stubborn Headache

  • About Headache
  • Clinic treating headache

       Assessing your headache

      Treating your headache

      Getting results

      Preventing headaches

Stomach Ulcer

  • What is a Stomach Ulcer?
  • What causes Stomach Ulcers?
  • Stomach Ulcer symptoms
  • What does a Stomach Ulcer affect?
  • West medicine treat peptic ulcer
  • Chinese Medicine treat peptic ulcer

Atrophic Gastritis

Kidney Failure


 Unknown Cough



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