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Sep 24

There are various ways a TCM physician can adopt to customise treatment strategy to bring balance and harmony to the body. Treatment modalities can also be prescribed singly or in combination to treat a disharmony.

Our Clinic provide the following treatments:

Acupuncture   Herbal Medicine    Acupressure    Cupping    Zheng Gu Tu Na

Reflexology    Moxibustion    Massage   Ear Candling


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£29.00 including consultation & herbal treatment for initial on line remedies!

£29.00 package also applied to the people who haven’t got much money, but interested in the remedies. We take 2 appointments each day. First come First serve.

Connect TCM doctors all the world

By our service of connecting TCM doctors all the world, you are be able to see qualified and experienced Chinese doctors locally which is especially convenient when you need acupuncture or other physical treatments. This service is also to make sure you see the expert who is specialised in your problems and find a solution for you.