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Zheng Gu Tui Na

A direct English translation of the Chinese words zheng gu tui na is  “to correct the bone by pushing hand”.

Zheng Gu, which means “correct bone’, refers to the inclusion of Tui Na’s unique mobilization techniques which often quickly restore normal functioning and structurally re-integrate the body. The implication is a hand massage technique where the bones are placed back into the right physical alignment. The theories of zheng gu tui na concentrates on relaxing superficial and deep tissues, which includes ligaments, tendons and muscles. In some special cases, bursas or cartilages are gently massaged to encourage tissue regeneration.

Sometimes mild discomforts or illnesses will manifest in one area but stems from another. A practitioner will address the whole body rather than concentrating only on affected areas. Centuries of past martial artists and practitioners figured the best use of body-to-body contact, finding the right trail and manipulating tissues back into place. Zheng gu tui na is just part of Chinese medical therapy. It is based on the simple principle of Yin and Yang. This principle implies for every being there is an opposite. In this way, treating the exterior, one can address the interior.

Properly employed the theories and techniques of  zheng gu tui na  are extremely effective at treating a wide variety of problems, including structural misalignment, orthopaedic problems and sports injuries, as well as internal diseases.


On your first visit, a full medical case history will be taken. An examination will be carried out (you may be asked to remove some clothing for this) and you may then be asked to perform a few simple movements so the osteopath can assess the problem.

The therapist will use their highly developed sense of touch called palpation to assess areas of weakness, tenderness, restriction or strain within your body.
The therapist  will make a diagnosis and discuss it with you and if osteopathic treatment is suitable it will be offered to you. Sometimes the treatment is combined with acupuncture and  cupping. Treatments will be aimed at helping to restore normal joint stability and function.

The therapist usually start any treatment by releasing and relaxing muscles and stretching stiff joints, using gentle massage techniques, rhythmic joint movements and muscle release techniques. The therapist  may also carry out manipulation using short, quick movements to spinal joints. Other techniques may also be used depending on your problem.

Treatments usually last up to half an hour or one hour depending on the conditions and normally between 2 and 6 sessions are required. Many patients decide that they would like to have periodic preventative treatments to avoid recurring problems.

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